Earlier this month, Al Jean, the executive producer of The Simpsons, announced that the show’s beloved couple, Homer and Marge Simpson, will be separating in the upcoming 27th season beginning this fall. Fans of The Simpsons have been expressing their distress over the rumors all over social media, but don’t worry fans, Homer and Marge are here to address those rumors themselves.


“The story was first reported on CNN, then the real news started reporting in all over the world,” explains Marge to her hubby. Homer then gets a little angry, commenting on how the “news media guys” should cover more important things like, “Lebron’s junk.”

Jean told Variety that the couple will be legally separating because Homer was diagnosed with narcolepsy and “it’s an incredible strain on the marriage.” However, Homer announced in the video, that he and Marge are stronger than ever. “Now listen here! Marjorie and I are as solid as a rock. I mean, if she didn’t dump me when I nearly slept with the donut lady,” he says.

Though Homer and Marge might be taking a break from each other, it won’t be the first time the couple has separated in the long-running show. In season five of The Simpsons, Homer develops a crush on his coworker Mindy Simmons, who was voiced by Michelle Pfeiffer, at his job at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Homer and Mindy were both into the same hobbies such as eating, watching TV, drinking beer, napping at work and donuts—raspberry swirl with a double glaze.

Homer nearly followed through with his fortune cookie advice, “You will find happiness with a new love,” but in the end, he returned back to his one true love, Marge.

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