John Cena appeared on the red carpet with Ferdinand the bull for a screening of new film Ferdinand.


The animated film follows a friendly bull who hates the idea of being in a bull ring, and escapes a training camp in Spain to live on a farm. Cena plays Ferdinand and shows off his goofy side for the role. But beyond the fun of the story, the message is even more important. “The message is so big,” said director Carlos Saldanha told Variety. “Making sure that every character carried that message, that was my goal. That’s how we expanded the story. But, believe me, it was not easy.”

Cena, says Saldanha, was the perfect casting for the bull. “He looks like Ferdinand, he’s so big and he’s so gentle,” he explained. “When he came into record the first pages, it was like magic. He became the character. He is the character. Once that happens, it’s all good.”

So-stars Gina RodriguezAnthony AndersonDaveed DiggsJuanesGabriel IglesiasBobby Cannavale, and Nick Jonas were also at the premiere. They even had a life-sized bull mascot as well. The film hits theaters this Friday, Dec. 15.

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