Angelina Jolie, 42, and her six children visited the Louvre Museum in Paris on Tuesday.


Jolie is in France meeting with First Lady Brigitte Macron to talk about her charity work and took a break to get some French culture to her kids. Jolie was also in Paris to film a commercial on the famed Champs-Elysées for perfume house Guerlain, for whom Jolie has been a spokesmodel since 2016. Shiloh, 11, Maddox, 16, Pax Thien, 14, Zahara Marley, 13, and twins Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon, 9, visited the museum for two hours during an afternoon off.

On Sunday, Jolie visited a refugee camp in Jordan and brought along Zahara and Shiloh. They met Syrians who fled the violence of the civil war in their country. It was Shiloh’s third trip to a refugee camp and Zahara’s first. There, they met with children who were around the same ages as Jolie’s daughters who were part of the TIGER (These Inspiring Girls Enjoy Reading) project.

“After seven years of war, most Syrian refugees have exhausted any savings they had,” Jolie said in a speech at the camp. “The vast majority of them already live below the poverty line, on less than $3 a day. Imagine what that would mean for your family. Here, it means families going without sufficient food; children unable to get medical treatment; young girls vulnerable to early marriage; and many Syrians facing their seventh winter without proper shelter.”

Jolie had just addressed the NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, to discuss the prevention of sexual violence against women and girls in warzones. “In our different roles we have seen how conflicts in which women’s bodies and rights are systematically abused last longer, cause deeper wounds and are much harder to resolve and overcome,” she said. “Ending gender-based violence is therefore a vital issue of peace and security as well as of social justice.”

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