The season 6 finale of Homeland killed off one of the show’s beloved characters – Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend).


The show teased his death multiple times throughout the series, but finally offed him in the end. Quinn was driving Carrie (Claire Danes) and president-elect Keane (Elizabeth Marvel) when an assassination attempt sent bullets flying through the car. Quinn managed to get the group to safety before bleeding out in the front seat. Apparently he knew the blame for the attempt would get pinned on him if he had survived anyway.

Even before the shooting, there were protests going on about Keane. After multiple bomb threats, their decoy vehicle gets blown up. Carries realizes that they are trapped in a “kill zone” and have to leave, so they recruit Quinn to help.

Six weeks later, Carrie is offered the job as Keane’s senior advisor, but she becomes wary of the role once Keane started arresting top government officials for supposed complicity with the assassination attempt. Turns out, ironically, that Dar Adal (F. Murray Abraham) was right in saying Keane was “un-American.”

But Carrie is beginning to be a trusted source for Keane, and she likes that. Later in the episode, Christine the social worker comes to check on Carrie’s home and, despite a little hiccup from a drunken Max, she passes with flying colors.

Saul calls her frantically, so that Carrie can watch him get arrested by the new president-elect. Carrie rushes to the office where she pleads with Keane and David, but they only nod their heads. She is then escorted out of the building.

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