Homeland opened on Sunday night with Carrie (Claire Danes) heading into a hearing that would determine whether or not she’d have to remain within the confines of the psyche ward. All seemed to be going well, until the judge ruling on Carrie’s case received an injunction from the Department of Justice. Carrie, apparently, is a risk to national security and must therefore remain in inpatient psychological care indefinitely.

Carrie then puts a call into her father, who didn’t show up for the hearing, to ask him to speak with Saul (Mandy Patinkin) on her behalf. She wants Saul to know that she’ll do anything he wants to get out of the psyche ward. A defeated looking Carrie then retreats to her sterile room to wait and see what her options might be.

In the renewed absence of Brody (Damien Lewis), Dana (Morgan Saylor) continues to be the family’s forced relevance in Homeland’s narrative. This week, the perpetually rebelling Dana decides to use her mom’s car to bust her boyfriend Leo (Sam Underwood) out of the mental health institution. The young lovers repeatedly find new ways of expressing their undying love for one another as they learn a bit about each other’s pasts – the death of Leo’s younger brother, and Dana’s last memory of her real father on the day he left for war.


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At the Brody household, Jess (Morena Baccarin) is finding comfort in her ever-faithful shoulder to cry on Mike (Diego Klattenhoff). Jess, incensed that Dana could have fallen for a fellow psych ward resident, feels like she’s out of moves as a mother. She’s also expressing homicidal thoughts directed at her estranged husband and runaway suspected terrorist. To cap off all her worry and rage, Leo isn’t just troubled psychologically – he may very well be a murderer.

Meanwhile, Fara (Nazanin Boniadi) continues to work on her investigation into the money trail for the bombing at Langley. She tells Saul that $45 million has been siphoned off over the last five years to a soccer club. The name of the person overseeing the transactions is using an alias of a famous goalkeeper, and although the alias disguises an identity, Saul believes it has to be Javadi. Fara later adds credence to Saul’s theory with some damning photographs of Javadi with the suspected dirty bankers. Saul advises the new specialist to keep the info between them and plans to get Javadi into interrogation.

Carrie miraculously gets a 24-hour pass out of the institution via an emergency order put in by mystery lawyer Paul Franklin (Jason Butler Harner). He offers her a deal: release from psychiatric detention for a meeting with one of his clients. Though she looks skeptical of the exchange, she finds it might be her best option and accepts. However, in keeping with her impulsive tendencies, she opts instead to try to make a break for it with her passport and medication. Carrie doesn’t get far, as Dar Adal (F. Murray Abraham) learns that she’s out and had Saul freeze all of her accounts and scare Virgil (David Marciano) into refusing her aid as well. She ends up spending the night at the place of her one night stand, but gets picked up by Franklin when she tries to make a break again.

Franklin brings Carrie to her planned meeting with Leland Bennett (Martin Donovan) at a private estate. Bennett lays it on thick, telling Carrie that the CIA is in the process of ruining her name and that his way out is the only way. If she partners with their client, she’ll escape from under the CIA’s thumb. All she’ll need to provide are some answers to questions the client has about the U.S. intelligence organization. Carrie is hesitant to become a turncoat, even though she’s been promised good compensation. In the end, though, she agrees to reveal how targets are identified and handled in return for the protection the client can afford her.

Upon leaving the meeting, Carrie shakes a few tails before ending up at Saul’s place. “It worked, Saul,” she says upon entering. “The picked me up this morning.” Everything that happened with Bennett, everything having to do with her detention was a plot they cooked up following the Langley bombing. Saul wants to know everything about her meeting with Bennett, and appears convinced that the client she’s to work with is Javadi. Saul expresses how proud he is of her, his protégé, and Carrie breaks down in tears, admitting that staying in the psych ward might be more than she can handle. Saul reassures her she can and that it’ll all be worth it once they catch the season’s biggest bad guy.

Homeland airs on Showtime Sundays at 9/8c.

– Chelsea Regan

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