Homeland returned with Carrie going off the deep end after Saul outted her relationship with Brody and her bipolar disorder in “Uh… Oh… Aw.”

Still reeling from Saul’s betrayal, Carrie (Claire Danes) desperately tries to get her side of the story heard. She goes to a reporter, but is taken away by security guards who escort her to a psychiatric facility. There, she ineffectively tries to talk the doctors out of forcing her back on medication. They dull her senses and Carrie blames them for the CIA bombing, but the doctors (and the CIA, for that matter) don’t care.

Quinn (Rupert Friend) shows up to be her one ally, but he just tells her to ride it out. Nothing good will come from her spilling her guts to a reporter, he warns her. At Carrie’s commitment hearing, she is betrayed again, this time by her father and sister, who tell her they believe she should take her meds. Saul (Mandy Patinkin) had gone to visit them and convinced them that he was on Carrie’s side, while also letting it slip that she had gone to a reporter — she's getting reckless.


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Things are just as tense in the Brody household, where, left in the wake of Brody’s treacherous destruction, Dana (Morgan Saylor) and Jess (Morena Baccarin) have been butting heads even more than usual. Dana continues to heal with therapy, but when Jess joins her to speak to her psychiatrist, the gap between them grows. Later, Dana sneaks out to hook up with her boyfriend, Leo (Sam Underwood). She feels safe with him and she hates to leave him, but, when she does, she comes clean to her mother. Dana breaks down and tells her mother that Leo has saved her, and she feels happy now for the first time since her father’s betrayal.

Saul has his hands full tracing the money that funded the CIA bombing. At the CIA he has a new sidekick: Fara (Nazani Boniadi), a Persian transaction analyst. Fara proves herself useful when she helps Saul interrogate bankers she believes are involved. She then discovers a $45 million gap in the banker’s funds, which leads to the Iranian government. Saul instructs her to follow the money trail, but to do so quietly and under the radar.

Quinn confronts Saul: he wants to be clear that he does not support Saul in his war with Carrie. Quinn, however, is also spiraling out of control after he accidentally killed a child in Caracas – not only does he confront Saul, he also intercepts one of the bankers Fara interrogated and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t.

Meanwhile, Carrie has been pumped full of sedatives, and is seated, almost lifeless, in the hospital lounge watching the news. Saul apologizes, but Carrie dismisses him. Saul insists that it’s all part of the plan, but who really knows?

Homeland airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

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