Homeland opened on Sunday with Quinn (Rupert Friend) approaching Carrie (Claire Danes) about her pregnancy, while Brody (Damien Lewis) waits out the time in Iran before his op is to commence.

'Homeland' Recap

Carrie, dismissing Quinn’s concerns for her being 15-months pregnancy and curiosity about the identity of the father, dodges him in an elevator and claims that the baby isn’t Brody’s. Unaware that he may or may not have a third child on the way, Brody performs his old marine ritual of turning his socks inside out prior to taking action. At nightfall, the operation beings.

In D.C., Dar Adal (F. Murrah Abraham) is briefing the Chief of Staff Higgins (William Sadler) on what Brody is going to do in Iran, reassuring him that even if something goes wrong, the CIA will make it right. Dar Adal maintains that Brody simply needs to cross the border and request asylum. Saul (Mandy Patinkin), in his office, let’s himself feel nervous about the success of the mission and goes on a search for his “lucky gum.”

Brody's Op Hits A Few Bumps

Eventually, Saul meets Carrie and the rest at the CIA to watch Brody’s mission unfold. Brody appears confident, but Carrie’s not so sure his resolve will last – or that it should. As they watch on, obstacles manifest – first a faulty drone sensor, next a blocked road. The delays earn the Alpha team the attention of Iraqi police. When the police draw their guns and demand they see inside the vehicle, Quinn tells the team’s leader to say “good night,” setting in motion the slaughter of the policemen.

Brody begins to crack after the assault and makes a run for it. The team leader chases him down and successfully calms Brody down, trying to get him to continue to believe he can get through the op. As the team moves forward towards the border, they realize that more Iraqi policemen are near. The only chance Brody has of getting to the border is if only the leader goes with him. The Alpha leader chats with Brody about his family and about his days as a bull rider, before their vehicle suddenly strikes something that causes it to flip and smoke to fill the air.

Brody Makes A Dash For Iran

Before Higgins can convince Saul to drop a drone on the crash site and claim they took out Brody and an Al Qaeda cell that was protecting him, Brody is seen dragging Alpha out of the wreck. The former marine wants to save the soldier, who has lost his legs, but the Iraqi officials are closing in and firing on him. Saul gives the go-ahead to abort the mission, believing it’s a lost cause. Brody refuses, however, newly determined to make the op work and dashes towards the border. When he’s met with an Iranian military unit, he takes responsibility for the CIA bombing and requests asylum. A soldier from the B-squad is taken with him as well.

Carrie walks over to Saul’s office to find the acting CIA head defeated and despondent, believing that his op failed. When she tells him the news that Brody made it across, he’s clearly pleased. What neither Saul nor Carrie know, however, is that the soldier who made it across gets a bullet in the head from Javadi (Shaun Toub). Brody, after witnessing this latest casualty, lunges at Javadi, preparing to put up a fight. Javadi reminds Brody that the op isn’t over and he has no choice but to trust him. Brody is going with him to Tehran.

Homeland airs Sundays on Showtime at 9/8c.

– Chelsea Regan

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