Georg Berres, who calls himself Jesus, was unaware of the fact that he was squatting in the holiday home Boris Becker, three-time Wimbledon champion, on the Spanish island Majorica.

Berres has made himself at home in the mansion, stating that he is planning to give the place a new beginning. He has already started cleaning the debris and removing the weeds. Berres posted photos of the villa on his Facebook stating that “the new time begins now.”

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He has been very compliant with the local authorities and said he would leave the premises if they asked, however no complaints have been made yet.

Berres founded a group, along with fellow squatters, called the “Intergalactic Auxiliary And Rescue Command,” which helps give abandoned homes a fresh start. He says the group see themselves as “house-rescuers on behalf of higher powers.” “When houses are open, we go in, start to revive everything, to make everything clean. We want to create a lovable place,” Berres shared.

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“We do not occupy houses, we save them, we do not make claims to property, we are concerned with nothing other than to live in a rent-free home and give something back to the house,” he told a  German newspaper.

When he stumbled upon the estate, he felt at home and the mansion was just “a real rough diamond that needs to be honed.”

Becker originally bought the home in 1995, however put it on the market in 2007 for $15 million euros, however he withdrew shortly afterwards. The tennis star is currently about three million euros in debt, and has avoided going to the auction of his island estate.

He apparently is aware of the squatters in his villa and is amused by the story, claiming that he is no longer the owner of the property.