Hillary Clinton is set to start a podcast that will premiere in the spring.

The former first lady, secretary of state and Democratic presidential nominee has teamed up with iHeartMedia to produce the yet-to-be-named show. iHeartMedia serves as the host site for political podcasters like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Joe Rogan. Rogan recently backed Clinton’s 2016 rival Bernie Sanders for president on his podcast.

Clinton was inspired by her appearance on Conan O’Brien‘s podcast, as well as her two and a half hour interview on Howard Stern‘s show.

“Conan just exudes enthusiasm about this platform and he does these interviews that are really evergreen and the idea with her, in part inspired by that experience, is to do the same thing,” a source close to Clinton told Politico. “She wants to try to have a wider-ranging conversation that will be lasting, so you can listen to it in a year or you can listen to it tomorrow and it will be interesting. And then of course she’ll do some ranting and raving about news of the day.”


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The show, to be recorded in Manhattan, is set to start late spring, which some have speculated will give her a platform to easily comment on the unfolding 2020 presidential election. In January, she was vocal about her dislike of her former opponent Sanders, saying “nobody likes him.” More recently she has said that she will support who ever the Democratic nominee is, even if it’s Sanders.

Hillary isn’t the only Clinton with a podcast. Bill and Chelsea Clinton both appear on the Clinton Foundation’s podcast, Why Am I Telling You This?

Clinton’s other recent foray into the media world, her documentary Hillary, premieres on Hulu on March 6. It follows her personal life as she lives through important moments in American history.

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