Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea Clinton are forming a production company to pursue film and television projects. The two have been speaking to studios about financing a pipeline of programs.

The hope in creating this production company is to use film and television in order to influence culture and society now that Clinton is no longer involved with politics. They aim to focus on stories by and about women.

The Clintons are following in the footsteps of the Obamas. Former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle created a company called High Ground Productions which currently has a deal with Netflix.


Although actors like Ronald Reagan have used their Hollywood fame to launch successful political careers, it’s more difficult for politicians to go the other way. Candidates have been going to Hollywood to raise money and Clinton has a large base of support among donors.

Clinton has served as first lady of Arkansas and the United States, a senator from New York and secretary of state. Though she ran for presidency twice – in 2008 and 2016 – and lost, she continues to keep busy. Since 2016, she has formed a political action committee, published a memoir and gone on a speaking tour.

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