Hillary Clinton once again appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about her ongoing campaign for the presidency as the primary elections near.

Hillary Clinton On ‘Ellen’

Clinton admitted to talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres that even though it’s been eight years since she last ran for president, she still faces some of the same difficulties she encountered the first time around.

“I think it still is hard being a woman running for president. If you’re forceful, you’re too forceful. If you’re not forceful, you’re not tough enough,” the politician told DeGeneres. “It’s just a constant evaluation all the time about how you’re being perceived, and so much of the perception is rooted in very ancient feelings that we have about the roles of men and women.”

DeGeneres, a longtime Clinton fan, endorsed her run, telling her, “You know what a supporter I am. I think you are smart as can be, you are qualified. I think you stand for everything that I want in a president.” DeGeneres also stated her belief that Clinton would be the best person to handle the climate of fear in the country.

“I know people are scared,” Clinton said before referencing gun violence, particularly that which occurred in Newtown, Conn. “When you send your first-grader to school, you don’t expect to lose that child in a mass murder.”

Things took a lighter turn when DeGeneres asked Clinton about the selfie culture, which Clinton has been forced to embrace for better or for worse. While the former Secretary of State fears that the emphasis on the selfie out on the campaign trail takes away from the personal one-on-one conversations she would like to have with voters, not even she could deny the excitement of taking a selfie with selfie queen Kim Kardashian.

“Of course, when she says to me, ‘Can we take a selfie?’ I say, ‘Well, hello, of course,’” she said. “I mean, that’s an obvious answer,” Clinton told DeGeneres. “She takes out her phone and presses a button, and I’ve never seen this anywhere else…. She holds it up, it has lights all the way around it. Like, tiny, tiny light bulbs. … It makes anybody look better.”

Clinton also had some fun on Ellen playing Heads Up with Scandal star Tony Goldwyn. Clinton and Goldwyn later learned to dab from Twitch.