As a response to being named among several other U.S. lfficials sanctioned by Russia on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton joked that the title was a “Lifetime Achievement Award” for her.

These sanctions were revealed by the Kremlin in a response to the U.S. and other countries applying sanctions on some powerful Russian government and business leaders in the wake of their invasion of Ukraine. The Russian sanctions also included a number of members of Joe Biden’s cabinet, as well as Biden himself.

Others that have been sanctioned by the Kremlin were Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Alexander Milley, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, CIA Director William Joseph Burns, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, Deputy National Security Advisor Daleep SinghSamantha Power, First Deputy minister of finance Adewale Adeyemo, and Reta Jo Lewis.

Psaki also responded to the sanctions rather flippantly during the Tuesday White House press briefing. “I would first note that President Biden is a Junior so they may have sanctioned his dad, may he rest in peace,” she first joked in reference to the sanctions. She also said, “The second piece, I would say, is that, [it] won’t surprise any of you that none of us are planning tourist trips to Russia, none of us have bank accounts that we won’t be able to access so we will forge ahead.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Facebook the step was “an inevitable consequence of the extremely Russophobic course taken by the U.S. Administration.” Interestingly, they also sanctioned Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, in this first list of sanctions, even though he has little public involvement in his father’s administration.

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