YouTube’s Barely Productions released a new music video parody last week, which has already received over one million views. The popular comedy channel decided to re-make Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video with a few funny twists.

Taylor Swift ‘Bad Blood’ Music Video Parody

Swift first introduced her “Bad Blood” video to the world in May during the Billboard Music Awards. Swift fans praised the video’s notable female celebrity guests – Selena Gomez, Lena Dunham, Ellie Goulding, Zendaya and Jessica Alba just to name a few.

In the real video, characters Arsyn (Gomez) and Catastrophe (Swift) are bad ass warrior women taking out men in suits who were the “bad guys,” fighting together on each other’s team against the evil. Suddenly Swift turns around, Arsyn pushes her out the window of a high story building, leaving Catastrophe weak and hurt on top of a car.

Catastrophe decides to enroll into a special training unit surrounded by the star-studded cast of Hollywood females with cool spy nicknames. The parody decided to have fun playing out this concept a bit differently.

The parody begins with a Swift look-alike singing the lyrics, “We’re really awkward assassins, we mostly care about fashion,” while hilariously kicking two men in black suits with her heels. Next, the Selena character is introduced and she is played by a little girl with long dark hair. “Selena looks like an infant, should we be letting her do stunts,” the lyrics says as the little girl karate chops another man in black and kicks him out of the window.

The final moment where Catastrophe walks away from a bomb scene, her now-red hair blowing as she leads an army, to battle Arsyn once and for all was especially comical in the Barely Production parody. “Now it’s walk in slow motion, we don’t feel the explosions,” the song continues while the Swift look-alike and little girl Selena walk slowly toward each other with fire blazing behind them.

Check out the hilarious parody for yourself.

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