James Harden and Stephen Curry were the hype of an Internet meme storm after Wednesday night’s nail-biting NBA WCF game 5, as the Warriors defeated the Rockets.

Harden Gets Slammed For His Worst Game Of The Season

The Rockets may have lost the series, but that didn’t deter basketball fans from mocking the team’s leading scorer. We thought Harden had a terrible Game 3, where he managed only 17 points and shot 19% from the field. But, Game 5 certainly takes the cake – or turnover I should say. Harden set a playoff record for most turnovers in a single game by a player, with 13.

Fans wouldn’t let Harden off the hook after that. Here are some funny memes highlighting this horrific stat.



While Harden got all the blame, Curry got all the glory. Curry ended the series scoring 31 points per game, shooting 51% from the field. With the Warriors ending the series in 5 games and heading to the NBA Finals the MVP was praised for his great play and unmatched shooting.

Here are a few memes of what Curry did to the Rockets:





Not to be left out of the meme action, Rocket’s second leading scorer in Dwight Howard also became victim of the fan’s ongoing joke surrounding Howard’s inability to get to the Finals.

Check out these funny Howard memes:



For more laughs, take a look at the memes that illustrate a funny goodbye to the Rockets’ Playoff season.



A few digs were even taken at the Warriors coaches, meaning former head coach Mark Jackson and current head coach Steve Kerr. Jackson stated live on ESPN that at the end of the day he is proud of the Warriors. Following his firing from the team last season Jackson went on to become a commentator, broadcasting the series. However, fans still think there may be some bitterness there on Jackson’s part.

Here are some Jackson and Kerr memes:



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