Joaquin Phoenix has been the target of funny internet memes this week, as reports of Hurricane Joaquin hit the news.

Joaquin Phoenix Stars In Funny Hurricane Memes

The East Coast is preparing for heavy rain storms courtesy of Hurricane Joaquin this weekend, but the internet has decided to deal with the oncoming storms by laughing at the Hurricane’s namesake.

The Category 4 storm shares its name with actor and Oscar nominee Joaquin Phoenix – and social media took the time to mock Phoenix’s stormy acting career.

The New York Police Department even joined in on the fun, their meme shows the changing faces of Phoenix as the storm changes speed. The meme starts with the actor’s looks as a teen in the film Inventing the Abbots, rising in intensity as Johnny Cash in 2005’s Walk The Line and slowing down with the big beard and dark sunglasses from his I’m Still Here days.

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