Jennifer Mee, who made headlines and talk show appearances in 2007 because of her unstoppable hiccups, is currently on trial for murder in Florida.

Mee, now 22, allegedly lured a online friend Shannon Griffin to an abandoned home in 2010, where she had arranged for him to be robbed by two accomplices – LaRon Raiford and her boyfriend at the time Lamont Newton, reported CBS. During the heist, a struggle ended in gunfire and Griffin was fatally shot.

Laron Raiford was sentenced to life in prison in August, and Newton has yet to stand trial.

When Mee was in her teens, she became a media sensation when it was discovered that she had a nearly debilitating problem with hiccups. At the time, she was hiccupping up to 50 times a minute. Despite trying to curb function through both traditional and homeopathic medicine, including acupuncture and hypnotism, Mee’s hiccups persisted.

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Mee’s hiccups eventually subsided on their own, but she was soon diagnosed with a more serious problem – Tourette’s syndrome. The neurological disorder, which can have persistent hiccups as a symptom, can cause involuntary movements and speech.

– Chelsea Regan

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