According to the Henderson Police department, Las Vegas’ U.S. 95 freeway was the site of a sudden attack by a motorcycle gang against a rival group that left seven people injured in total.

Three suspects have been detained in relation to the attack: local Hells Angels President John Richard “Rizzo” Devries, and two prospective members of the gang Stephen Alo and Russell Smith.

Police say the suspects, along with two other Hells Angel prospects began pursuing six members of a rival gang, the Vagos, who were riding from the Hoover Dam area. The arrest report says the groups first came together “and began to cause problems” at the Veteran’s Memorial Cemetary.

The shootout then occurred on the highway after Hells Angels allegedly attempted to knock over the Vagos’ motorcycles by kicking them. The report reads that after the kicking failed, “one of the Hells Angels OMG (Outlaw Motorcycle Gang) riders stood up on their motorcycle and started shooting at one of the Vagos OMG riders.

While this moment certainly seems like an exciting scene out of a Michael Bay movie, all six Vagos members were reportedly injured and hospitalized in the attack, with two in critical condition.

A seventh person who was injured in the shooting also later self-reported to the hospital. After the shooting, The Hells Angels members then dispersed, with each of the suspects being arrested at different locations in the Las Vegas area.

Devries, Alo and Smith were charged with six counts of attempted murder with a deadly weapon, six counts of battery with the use of a deadly weapon, six counts of discharging a gun at/into an occupied structure/vehicle, and one count of conspiracy to murder with a deadly weapon.

This case remains open as two other Hells Angels members are allegedly at large. Anyone with knowledge of the case is encouraged to call the Henderson, Nevada Police at 702-267-4911, or leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555.

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