Heidi Klum has had a life-changing year. Not only did she file for divorce from Seal, her husband of almost seven years, but she just turned 39 in June. The verdict? "I don't know if I'll get married again," Klum told German newspaper Bild am Sonntag. "Although I really enjoyed being married. I'm a dreamer. I loved our annual fairy-tale weddings that were our big family parties. But sadly, it somehow didn't work out."

Klum shocked the world in January by splitting from “Kiss From A Rose” crooner Seal, but perhaps it should not come as a total surprise. “I’ve changed a lot,” the former Victoria’s Secret model and mother of four told E! News during a promotion gig at the Mondrian Hotel. “It’s like, who is that person?” Klum asked, referring to when she won the German modeling competition Model 92 at the age of 18.

But Klum assures that she is taking it in stride and looking forward to her forties. “I feel good. I’m not complaining,” she said in May. “I think between 40 and 50, you just have to give it your all. You just have to do it all. You're still somewhat young.”


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