HBO boss Casey Bloys rejected the petition to remake Game of Thrones.

Bloys was asked about the final season of Game of Thrones at the Television Critics Association’s press tour in Beverly Hills, California, that had fans create an online petition to remake the season.

“There are very few downsides to having a hugely popular show,” said Bloys. “One I can think of, when you try to end it, many people have opinions on how to end it. I think that comes with the territory. The petition shows a lot of enthusiasm and passion for the show, but it wasn’t something we seriously considered. I can’t imagine another network would.”


The petition has 1.7 million signatures and counting.

Bloys was also asked about HBO’s decision to submit and promote its seven lead actors for the Emmys. This does not include other costars, such as Gwendoline Christie and Alfie Allen, who were recently nominated.

GoT is unique because it has 27 series regulars – which is unusual,” he said. “We have someone who has worked at HBO who is an expert in awards; she will work with showrunners to figure out what the best chance of success is. It’s a challenge for a series that big if everybody submitted themselves, everybody could cancel [each other out],” Bloys continued. “There is some strategic thinking…if someone decides to submit on their own, we will help them and their reps.”

The HBO boss was also asked how involved the network was in the final season.

“When a show is in the six, seven, eight [seasons of a] highly successful run, by that point there is a rhythm between showrunners and network, a minimal back-and-forth here and there. That’s not just GoT. Silicon Valley is doing their final season, they have a really good handle on what the show is and what the end will look like. It’s not like we are all over them.”

He also revealed that filming has been wrapped up for the GoT prequel pilot.

Author George R.R. Martin revealed some information regarding the pilot but it leaves the audience to use their sense of imagination on how the new show will be.

GoT received 32 Emmy nominations for season 8 and averaged more than 44 million U.S. viewers, according to HBO.

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