Harvey Weinstein‘s scandals have dominated the news, with his many victims bravely coming forward. Actress Rose McGowan was among them, being one of the first to publicly come out against Weinstein. According to the actress, Weinstein has been attempting to contact her ever since then.


In her interview with BBC, McGowan notes that Weinstein has sent her “texts, things like that.” Moreover, she has “no idea how” exactly Weinstein obtained her phone number, later mentioning he employed Mossad agents to intrude on her life, so getting her contact information “wasn’t that hard.”


Upon being asked when Weinstein last attempted to contact her, McGowan explained one his employees tried to do so one month ago. “I shook, it was like a bullet once again,” she said. She doesn’t understand why Weinstein continues to reach her, observing how “the cat’s out of the bag.”

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McGowan accused Weinstein of raping her back in 1997, noting to BBC that the experience was “worse than [she] wrote about” and it “did a lot of damage, it still does.” Since coming out, McGowan has become a pivotal member of the #MeToo movement, a role she’s proud of. “I had hoped that by showing people that if you can cut off the head of power, that you can achieve an awful lot.”

Last month, McGowan sent the former Hollywood big shot a birthday message through Instagram. Her closing comment to him was a short “we win.”