Harvey Weinstein’s walker has been a major subject of discussion during his New York Rape Trial. Weinstein has been seen hobbling with his walker to and from court appearing feeble with his back hunched over. Many claim that the powerful American former film producer and alleged sex offender has used his walker to gain sympathy from the public, often comparing him to Bill Cosby who revealed that he was blind just days before his sexual assault trial began.

When asked about his walker after walking out of court, Harvey sarcastically responded, “I’ll have a race with you.”


Earlier in the trial, Weinstein’s lead attorney Donna Rotunno criticized the media’s attention to Weinstein’s walker. “I was dismayed to see all the press coverage incorrectly stating that Mr. Weinstein was trying to garner sympathy at his court appearance last week… The press surrounding his physical condition is mean spirited and false.”

Weinstein’s attorney, Damon Cheronis, stated in court Monday, “It has been reported on incessantly about his walker, and about his ability to stand and walk for extensive periods of time. We may be seeking to call his surgeon who testified that he did, in fact, have a laminectomy. That he is, in fact, injured.”

A laminectomy is a back surgery that removes part of the vertebra that covers the spinal canal. Whether or not Weinstein is required to use a walker to move around, disability aesthetics play a major role in jury deliberations. Jurors might victimize Weinstein if they perceive him as a person with a disability and injudiciously believe his testaments.

The statements from the four women who have testified during the trial about their rapes and sexual assaults by Weinstein have a common theme. All of the women were asked to state their height and weight at the time of their alleged assault and all of the women said that Weinstein forced them onto a bed and got on top of them. The four women claimed that Weinstein used his body weight to trap them so that they could not fight back.


Closing arguments for the trial will begin Thursday February 13.

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