Former One Direction star Harry Styles was reportedly robbed at knifepoint last Friday in London. The singer was not harmed, however, he did give up an unnamed amount of cash and was pretty shaken up afterward.

The London Police have confirmed that they are investigating a knifepoint robbery on Spaniards Road in the Hampstead area, that took place late Friday night. The police were contacted about the robbery on Saturday, February 15. The robbery was said to have taken place around 11:50 p.m. according to police. “It was reported that a man in his 20s was approached by another man with a knife and demanded cash. The victim was not injured, however, cash was taken from him.” There has yet to be any arrest made. The singer has still yet to confirm any involvement.

Despite the events of late Valentine’s Day evening, the 26-year-old pop pop star seemed to be in good spirits throughout the week. He performed on Tuesday at the 2020 Brit Awards. Styles was also nominated at the Brit Awards for best male solo artist and best album. Styles ended up losing in both categories. He lost to rapper Stormzy for best male solo artist and Dave‘s album Psychodrama for best album.

Styles has had some scary run-ins with the public before. The pop star reported being harassed by 26-year-old fan Pablo Tarazaga-Orero back in October.

Styles told a court that he first met Tarazaga-Orero when he was sleeping outside. The singer offered Tarazaga-Orero food and money for a hotel. The homeless man then began to leave notes on Styles’ mailbox and putting coins in it. He then followed the star to a local pub up to four times a week. In October, the District Judge Nigel Dean ordered that Tarazaga-Orero could not go within 250 meters (820 feet) of Styles or his home.