In the years since splitting from the iconic boy bond, One Direction, Harry Styles has become one of the most recognizable forces in music. This week, Styles came out with his second studio album, Fine Line, which featured the song “Light’s Up” and the music video caused a stir because it seemingly confirmed Style’s widely discussed “fluid” sexuality.


Harry recently co-hosted, The Late Late Show, where he took part in “Spill Your Guts” with ex-girlfriend, Kendall Jenner. They had obvious chemistry and Jenner even joked, “What songs are about me?” Styles quickly ate the cod sperm in front of them rather than answer the question.

Harry also took part in a concert for the show, where he stood in a crosswalk for 30 seconds when they light turned red on Beverly Blvd., which was outside CBS studios. Styles did short renditions of some of his biggest songs including, “Kiwi,” “Lights Up” and his breakout hit, “Sign of the Times.”

The quick concert was nothing short of spectacular featuring watermelon costumes, in reference to his song “Watermelon Sugar,” a glittered ‘Harry Styles’ sign and ended with Harry zip lining across the crosswalk.

Styles has proven that his creativeness has really no boundaries, even when confined to a 30 second interval concert on a Hollywood crosswalk and he has furthered his status as a pop sensation.

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