You pretty much see it all as a live performer these days. While some musical stars are known for having fans throw bras or other keepsakes to them while they’re performing, Harry Styles saw a strange side of it when someone threw chicken nuggets at him.


Styles was performing a show in his Madison Square Garden residency and took a moment to grab the nugget and attempt to humorously shame whoever tossed it. “Who threw the nugget? That’s another chicken nugget,” Styles said, briefly exasperated.

When fans chanted that he should eat it, the pop star yelled back, “I don’t eat meat,” and tossed one of the nuggets back into the crowd.


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He picked the second one up, “This is cold, and I’m assuming very old,” and it seems like he begins interacting with the nugget tosser themself.

“You want it back? Why?” Styles asked in disbelief and eventually tosses the nugget back. Maybe we’ll see the petrified nugget that made contact with one part of One Direction rack up some high bids on eBay.

Here’s a video of the awkward interaction shared on Twitter.

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