Harry Styles of One Direction made a bride’s wedding day even more special, sending her a video message asking her to leave her fiancé and run away with him instead.

Harry Styles Surprises Fan Tash Gershfield

Tash Gershfield, the new bride, had already swapped vows with her husband James when she was surprised with a special message from Styles during her husband’s speech at the reception.

“During my husband, James’ speech, he told me he wanted to put me through a little test to see how much I really loved him. He then got my friend Alex to project the video of Harry up on the wall for all 250 guests to see,” Gershfield told E! News.

The video was reportedly orchestrated by Ben Winston, a director who works closely with One Direction, who asked Styles to participate as a wedding gift. Gershfield’s husband also worked with the band, though to what capacity is unknown. As any girl would, Gershfield uploaded short snippets from the video to her Instagram page, and those clips have since gone viral.

“A video from the one and only Harry which was played at my wedding,” Gershfield captioned the video.

“Tash, you don’t have to go through with this. It’s not too late,” Styles says in the first video.

In the second clip from the video, Styles tells Gershfield that he will be waiting for her at a London restaurant for the next three hours.

“As this video was being played my jaw was on the floor, and all the guests were in shock too. Every single guest was shouting, ‘Go! Go!’ and then the microphone was handed to me… The first thing I said was simply, ‘Can you play that again?’” the bride said.

Gershfield revealed that her new husband then asked her if she wanted to stay at their wedding reception or run off with Harry Styles.

“Of course, knowing it was a little joke, I stayed and everyone cheered,” Gershfield said.

By the looks of Gershfield’s Instagram profile, Styles and the boys of One Direction also gave the newlyweds a signed guitar, but Gershfield is hoping that Styles will be willing to meet her in person some day.

“I’m a massive One Direction fan, and Harry is my favorite and always has been,” Gershfield revealed.

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