An unknown culprit has hacked boy bander Harry Styles‘ mom’s iCloud account and leaked over 25 photos of the singer with his on-and-off again girlfriend, Kendall Jenner.


The Twitterverse exploded over the weekend with photos of Styles and Jenner and within the hour, the hashtag #Annesicloud was trending.

The photos, hacked from Anne Twist‘s iCloud, show the singer hanging with family, drinking wine, and some PDA with Jenner. The reality star is sitting on Styles’ lap and one photo shows Styles giving the camera his middle finger.

Another picture shows Styles’ mom and stepdad posing next to him and Jenner at a dinner table.

There are rumors also trending that the hacker is under the Twitter name @haarrystyles when they tweeted, “IF I GO TO JAIL I DID THIS FOR ALL THE HARRY STANS WHO DON’T GET S*** FROM HARRY.”

The user also boasted they had over 500 photos still to share and the account has been suspended.

Fans have expressed their feelings over the leaked photos and it seems many are outraged. One account tweeted, “Not posting any of the pics of Harry bc it’s rude to invade people privacy like that by hacking into poor Anne’s iCloud.”

Another account tweeted, “There are many unseen pictures of Harry going around, I will not be posting them since they were leaked from Anne’s iCloud.”

Since the hack, the One Direction‘s star mom has deleted all of her social media accounts. No comment has been made on behalf of the young stars.

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