The Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Special: Return to Hogwarts premiered New Year’s Day on HBO Max, and one eagle-eyed fan was able to spot a strange editing mishap in the very first five minutes of the special.

The fan took to Twitter, posting the screenshot of the photo of a young girl in Minnie Mouse ears that bears some likeness to Harry Potter star Emma Watson, and Watson is also narrating the segment. The next screenshot, however, reveals that the photo is actually a childhood photo from Emma Robert‘s Instagram account

Robert’s old photo was flooded with humorous comments praising her for her years of work on Harry Potter, and reps for HBO Max and Watson have not commented on the slipup.

Despite the gaffe, there were plenty of interesting reveals we learned thanks to this special. One shocking fact we learned from the reunion was that Watson considered leaving the franchise before filming the fifth film Order of the Phoenix. “The fame thing kind of hit me in a big way,” Watson reflected, but she ultimately decided to stick with the role due to encouragement from her co-stars, crew and the fans of the series.

There were also some romantic admissions on the reunion stage, including star Daniel Radcliffe who said he once sent Helena Bonham-Carter a love note onset wishing he had been born “10 years earlier.” Watson also admitted to a more age-appropriate co-star crush on Tom Felton, who played Draco Malfoy in the franchise.

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