Harrison Ford has made enough of a recovery from his leg injury that Star Wars: Episode VII has been able to resume filming at Pinewood Studios outside London.

Harrison Ford To Return To 'Star Wars' Set

Ford, 72, was sidelined from filming after a June 12 on-set accident that led to the actor suffering a broken leg. The injury required a surgery to be repaired, followed by extensive rehabilitation. In order to give Ford time to recover, Star Wars director J.J. Abrams was forced to change-up the shooting schedule.

At one point, it was feared that Ford’s broken leg would keep him off set for six months. However, Ford has made a quick recovery. Less than two months after surgery, Ford managed to walk the red carpet for The Expendables 3 sans crutch. In his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video, the veteran actor didn’t even appear to be wearing a cast for support.

Though Star Wars has reconvened shooting, Ford has yet to film his scenes, his rep told Entertainment Weekly. However, he’s due to jump in front of the camera as Han Solo in the near future. Star Wars: Episode VII is still stated to premiere Dec. 18, 2015.

It’s been rumored that Ford hurt his leg after he was struck by the door of the Millennium Falcon, even though Abrams tried to shut down rumors that the iconic space vessel would be in the 2015 movie after pictures of it leaked from the set. The Millennium Falcon is the spacecraft that Han Solo flew in the original Star Wars films.

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