Harrison Ford broke his left leg while filming Star Wars: The Force Awakens – but it could have been much worse.

Harrison Ford Star Wars Accident

Back in June 2014, Ford was filming The Force Awakens, reprising his role of Han Solo, at Pinewood Studios in London. On set one day filming a scene on the re-created Millennium Falcon, the hydraulic door of the massive spaceship began to close. The heavy door knocked Ford to the ground and crushed his leg, breaking it in two places.

Foodles Production, the company responsible for the set, pleaded guilty to two breaches under health and safety legislation in court this week.

During the day in court, prosecutor Andrew Marshall said that the breaches had resulted in a “risk of death” for Ford. According to Marshall, had the emergency stop button not been pressed in time, Ford may not have survived. “It could have killed somebody,” Marshall claimed. “The fact that it didn’t was because an emergency stop was activated.”

Ford, whose intense rehabilitation pushed back his filming for The Force Awakens, gave a detailed account of the traumatic Millennium Falcon incident on the Jonathan Ross Show back in December.

“Now we had lots of money and technology and so they built a f–king great hydraulic door which closed at light speed and somebody said, ‘Ooh I wonder what this is?'” Ford explained. The actor added, “The door came down and hit me on my left hip because I was turned to my right. And then it flung my left leg up and it dislocated my ankle and as it drove me down to the floor, my legs slapped on the ramp up to the Millennium Falcon and broke both bones in my left leg.”

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