An arrest warrant for Queen Elsa of Frozen has been issued by the Harlan City Police Department in Kentucky.

Queen Elsa Of Arendelle Wanted By Police

The Harlan City Police Department, tired of the constant winter storms and snowfall, posted an announcement on their official Facebook Wednesday, Feb. 18, claiming they had found the person responsible for the cold: Elsa, the animated snow queen. “Suspect is a blonde female last seen wearing a long blue dress and is known to burst into song,” wrote the Department.

The post, which has now been shared over 14,000 times on Facebook, went viral – everybody loves Frozen.

Of course, the Police Department followed up their joking post with a serious warning to the public, asking that they stay indoors and off the roads, while still keeping with the Frozen theme. “As a reminder, do take the precautions you need to keep you, your friends, family, neighbors and pets safe during the snow queen’s mad spell,” they wrote later in the day.

Speaking of the post, Harlan City Police Chief Mike Thomas said that he issued the fake arrest warrant to give both cops and members of the public a bit of a boost after days of sub-zero weather. “I just thought it’d break the monotony of the weather and maybe give working people a chuckle,” Thomas told BuzzFeed News.

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