Now that season 8 of The Bachelorette is over and done with and Emily Maynard, 26, has chosen her man, Jef Holm, 27, over runner-up Arie Luyendyk, 30, it's time to dish about the details. Since Emily and Jef aren't yet joined in wedded bliss, there's only one thing to talk about — the engagement ring, of course, designed by jeweler Neil Lane, who created six ring options for the beautiful bride-to-be.

"All of them had elements that were inspired by Emily," Lane told People. "I had met with [Emily] a number of months ago just to get a sense of her style, of her personality," Lane said. As with any good designer, it was important for him to give the groom options, but Lane had a single favorite ring that he had "really concentrated on" and secretly hoped Jef would choose.

When the time came to decide which jewel he would present Emily with, Jef "put a lot of energy into it and he was very sincere and excited during the whole process," Lane said, and he also "really understood her style." The ring Jef chose was the one Lane had really focused on and thought was most perfect for Emily. "As soon as Jef saw the ring, he knew it was the right one."

Speaking of "the right ones," Lane has a knack for spotting good relationships. "I felt he was very genuine and was really looking forward to this journey with Emily," he said of Jef when the two met.

Check out a pic of the engagement ring, via People.

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