It may come as a shock for some Gwyneth Paltrow fans to see the elegant blonde singing one of the dirtier radio hits in recent memory—Cee Lo's "F***k You."

Though she will be singing the edited version, "Forget You," in her guest appearance on Glee, you have to wonder in what context Paltrow, 38, will belt out the number. Ryan Murphy, the show's creator, has already expressed his excitement at having the actress on the show. "Gwyneth is a great singer," he said on MTV News. "She's done it a little bit, but I really want to show it off and show everyone how great she is."

Matthew Morrison is also raving about the Oscar-winning actress. "She is such a joy to work with," he told Access Hollywood. "She's an amazing singer and dancer that I was not aware of." And lest you think Paltrow swaggered around set like the star she is, Morrison will ease your fears. "You never know what to expect when big movie stars like that come on the show and she was not a movie star, she was a normal person and such a joy," he said. "I think she's amazing." –AMY LEE

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