Gwyneth Paltrow was in Central Park in New York City Tuesday shooting a scene for her new movie, Thanks For Sharing, about a pair of recovering sex addicts who fall for each other during a 12-step treatment program. Mark Ruffalo, with whom Paltrow was seen smooching in another photo, is her co-star in the film.

It's no surprise to see Paltrow taking on a role that has her running in workout gear. The actress, 39, is a famous exercise and health food nut: she has a food blog called GOOP, and she often credits celebrity personal trainer Tracy Anderson for keeping her in shape. "I think you all know how amazing I think my trainer, partner and friend Tracy Anderson is, how she kicked my twice pregnant ass into shape, and keeps taking me to new levels," she said on GOOP in May.

Directed by Stuart Blumberg, Thanks For Sharing also stars Tim Robbins and Joely Richardson and features the big screen debut of Pink. No release date for the film has been set.


  • A Grinshpan
    A Grinshpan on

    That movie sounds good! She is in such great shape, althought I think she's too fanatical about it.

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