Gwyneth Paltrow was left dangling in the air during her big entrance on NBC’s live Red Nose Day special when technical difficulties left her stuck above the stage.

Gwyneth Paltrow Dangles: Suffers Technical Difficulties During Red Nose Day

Paltrow, who appeared throughout the three-hour telecast special, was introduced by host Seth Meyers with a video package, showing a blonde woman drop from a helicopter onto the roof of the building before putting on a harness and breaking through the ceiling. On stage, Paltrow descended from the rafters, lowered on wires, until she stopped suddenly in mid-air. Meyers and Paltrow managed to remain calm, and, who knows, it could have all been a part of the show.

“Oh God, I’m stuck. This worked much better in rehearsal,” Paltrow said before moving on with the bit despite her predicament. After completing the skit, Paltrow told Meyers, “I think we pulled it off.”

“No, I think everyone noticed,” Meyers quipped.

Paltrow participated in bits throughout the night, including a sketch with Rose Byrne and Stephan Merchant.

One of the night’s biggest moments came courtesy of Paltrow’s ex husband, Chris Martin, who performed a Game of Thrones musical with his band, Coldplay, and a handful of Game of Thrones castmembers.

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