Gwyneth Paltrow attended the East Hampton Library Author Night on Saturday, but her appearance was disruptive to fellow authors, who took to the internet to vent their frustration.

Christina Oxenberg, the short-story author who was seated next to Paltrow at the book-signing, fund raising event, published a blog post on Sunday in which she rants about Paltrow completely taking over the event with her mass of rude fans and bodyguards.

“[The] divinity in question arrived with hubby, children and a couple of massive bodyguards. The worshippers blocked my view of the whole world, abusing my tiny territory upon which to abandon their trash or lean their sorry asses,” Oxenberg wrote.

Paltrow was at the event to promote her newest cookbook, It’s All Good, and Oxenberg alleges that Paltrow did so at the expense of the other authors who were present at the event. In her blog, Oxenberg describes how Paltrow’s impatient fans kept other curious attendees from seeing her, and how the Oscar-winner’s bodyguards blocked her from returning to her seat after getting food, forcing her to crawl under the table.

“Gwyneth’s bodyguards blocked my re-entry despite my assurance I was just an author and pointing at my name tag, ‘No!’ they growled, body blocking me. So I was forced to crawl under the table,” Oxenberg rants.

Despite the drama, Oxenberg writes that she still had a wonderful time with hosts Anne Hearst and Jay McInerney, who appear to support Oxenberg’s critique at how Paltrow conducted herself and her team at the event.

On Monday, McInerney tweeted a link to Oxenberg’s blog, claiming that Paltrow “highjacked” the event and accusing Paltrow of using a ghostwriter.

In March of 2012, Paltrow denied claims that her best selling cookbook, My Father’s Daughter, was written by a ghostwriter, despite multiple articles alleging the actress got more than a little help writing her book.

“Last week, The New York Times inferred that I used a ghostwriter on my cookbook, My Father’s Daughter, which to me means someone else wrote the recipes and the text. That is not the case,” Paltrow wrote in a GOOP newsletter at the time.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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