Guy Pearce and Carice van Houten, who plays Melisandre on HBO’s Game of Thrones, have welcomed a son.

Carice Van Houten Gives Birth

Van Houten, 39, gave birth to a baby boy last week, according to the Los Angeles Times. “Both Carice and Monte are doing very well,” a rep for Van Houten told the Times.

Pearce confirmed the baby news on Twitter, revealing that the couple has decided to name their firstborn Monte. “A cute little package arrived and told us his name’s Monte Pearce. We think we’re gonna keep him. Placenta smoothie anyone? @caricevhouten.”

Van Houten retweeted Pearce and added a slew of enthusiastic emojis.

Pearce and van Houten confirmed that they were expecting back in March and followed up with the announcement with some “shadowbaby” jokes – a reference to van Houten’s role as a red with on Game of Thrones.

The child is the first for both van Houten and Pearce. Throughout his 18-year marriage to high school sweetheart Kate Mestitz, Pearce had claimed that he was uninterested in parenthood, stating, “I don’t even need them. There are enough babies in the world,” to The Guardian in 2007. He added, “Besides, I don’t think I would be good for babies,” he said. “I’d be on and off. I think they need more consistent affection than I would be able to give.”

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