Guilder Rodriguez, the Texas Rangers player, got his first major league hit on Tuesday, after a 13-year career in the minor league.

Rodriguez Gets First Major Hit After 13-Years In Minors

Rodriguez, 31, is no stranger to professional baseball. Over his 13-year career in the minors, he has played in 1,095 games – the most of any minor league player. He’s been with the Rangers for a few weeks, and Rodriguez earned his first Major League Baseball stats in Monday night’s game against the Houston Astros.

Rodriguez earned a standing ovation from his teammates and the crowd in the stands after his first ground ball hit, and his father, sitting in the stands with Rodriguez’s wife, was clearly emotional. Later in the game, Rodriguez celebrated his big moment by giving his father a big hug.

“This is my second-best moment after seeing my two daughters born. It’s unbelievable. I feel great,” Rodriguez said after the game.

Texas Rangers Celebrate Guilder Rodriguez

Rodriguez was called up to the majors just two weeks ago, and his father flew in from Venezuela to watch him play.

“When he [Rodriguez] got his first hit, it was hard not to cry looking at his dad. It was pretty special that he got a chance to do it in front of his dad. Then the second hit gave us the lead, that’s kind of storybook for us,” said Rangers interim manager Tim Bogar.

Astros interim manager Tom Lawless also commended Rodriguez for his perseverance, saying, “It’s a thrill. To put in all that time in the minor leagues, and keep playing, and playing, and playing. A lot of guys would have given up.”

Later in the game, Rodriguez got a RBI (runs batted in) in the seventh inning, resulting in the Rangers’ 4-3 win, and experienced another right of passage: getting Gatorade dumped on his head by teammate, Elvis Andrus.

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