Gucci Mane will now be released from prison in December 2016, after a judge agreed to shave almost a year off his 39-month sentence as time served.

Gucci Mane Prison Sentence Cut Down

Mane was arrested in September 2013 and was charged with possession of a firearm at the time. However, he was only officially sentenced to 39 months in federal prison in August as part of a plea agreement. Mane’s lawyer argued that his 11 months behind bars leading up to the plea should be considered time served as part of his sentence, and now a judge has agreed, meaning his 39-month sentence which began in August is now down to 27-months.

Meanwhile Mane’s lawyers also requested that the court place the rapper in a rehab program and move him to a West Coast prison in an effort to keep him from “negative influences” in Atlanta, Georgia.

Despite his incarceration, Mane has still been releasing music in the form of various mixtapes and digital albums. On Sept. 2, Mane released Brick Factor Vol 2, which features 27 tracks.

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