Greys Anatomy wrapped up its ninth season last Thursday, leaving many of its beloved characters' storylines on emotional cliffhangers. Richard (James Pickens Jr.) is shown lying unconscious on the ground, likely electrocuted and potentially dead. Callie (Sara Ramirez) discovers Arizona’s (Jessica Capshaw) infidelities and that she’s nowhere near over the amputation performed by her wife’s hands. Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Christina (Sandra Oh) break up – again.

Playing it close to the chest, Shonda Rimes is hesitant to say too much about the true fate of the former chief of Seattle Grace, but she will say we’ll be seeing Pickens again. “ I love that people are asking [whether or not Richard is dead],” Rhimes told Entertainment Weekly. “I’m not going to answer it because I like that it’s a question. I will tell you that you will see Jim Pickens again, but I’m not going to answer the question.”

Rimes was more open about talking about what happened with Callie and Arizona, the married mothers of one. “Callie made a decision that saved Arizona’s life — and you get to the end of the season and clearly Arizona has been blaming her for this entire time,” she told EW. “Really, that’s what sort of sparked all this behavior.” Rimes, who is known for the diversity she showcases on her shows, intentionally wanted to show a real rift between the wives. “I feel like a lot of LGBT characters on television — and I hopefully don’t fall into this category — are sort of sanitized for our protection,” she said.

“They are happily in love and they hardly ever do anything wrong and they never cheat and they’re never too sexual and they don’t have any other storylines except about them being gay,” she added. “I felt like I wanted to give them a complex storyline that wasn’t about that.”

And as for Cristina and Owen, the tempestuous couple whose wants have been pulling them apart for years only to have their passion for each other pull them back together, Rimes suggests that they might finally be done for good. “I feel like there’s a sense that this is the end of the journey that they’ve been on for two seasons that was sort of messed up by the fact that she was in the plane crash….they were finally forced to have the conversation that neither of them wanted to have and it was a very honest conversation. She walked away and he did not follow.”

Another couple Grey’s viewers might be curious about is Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Alex (Justin Chambers), who finally kissed one another in the season finale. Luddington, for one, doesn’t have a clue as to where their storyline is headed. “I have absolutely no idea,” Luddington told Elle.“You never know what's going to happen — if suddenly [his ex-girlfriend] Lucy will come back or I get killed by a tree — you just don't know.”

Luddington might not know what’s in the season 10 scripts, but she certainly knows her show’s creator.

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