The final episode of Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 17 was an eventful one! The episode speeds the audience through the COVID-19 pandemic. The medical staff celebrated the fact that they are still alive, and they tried their best to enjoy the new normal, as difficult as the circumstances were.

Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) appeared as the residency director. Throughout the episode, Meredith has “survivor’s guilt” because she is infected by the virus but wants another patient to be treated instead of her. She tries to convince her co-workers to let her quarantine in a hotel room, but no one allowed her to leave the premises of the hospital.

Girlie, a patient who works in an assisted living residence, contracted COVID. She battled the virus for a month, and as she was leaving the hospital, she passed out. Meredith tried her best to make sure Girlie got sufficient treatment to fully cure her; for this, she needed a full lung transplant. After arguing with Dr. Bailey, they ended up finding new lungs and Meredith successfully puts new lungs into her body, allowing her to survive the virus. Meredith missed out on her own “I survived COVID” celebration to make sure Girlie had a chance to live.


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