Last night, Grey’s Anatomy aired the latest and shocking new episode of the season, “Anybody Have A Map.” This week’s episode takes a break from the Teddy/Owen drama and focuses on the Webber/Avery family. 

In the beginning, we first meet Nurse Frankie (Stacey Oristano), who is 28 weeks pregnant and in pain. After finding Frankie, Weber decides to take an ultrasound of her baby, which confirms that her baby is healthy, but that she has a twisted spleen. Weber urges Frankie to have surgery, but she refuses, thinking that she can handle the pain for the sake of keeping her baby safe. 

Weber respects her decision and decides to admit her and let nurses look after her. But is later called back to the room when Frankie is discovered to be in more pain. Weber figures out that she has fluid in her abdomen and that the baby is in distress. Frankie still refuses to go to OR, but Weber chooses to take her there anyway.

As Weber begins the surgery, Karev tells him that he wants to take the baby, but Weber doesn’t let him. He then begins to remove Frankie’s spleen, and everything seems to be going fine until she begins to bleed uncontrollably. Weber frantically tries to find the source, but the baby’s heart rate becomes compromised. Karev then begins to shout at Weber to let him save the baby before it’s too late. Weber finally gives in and Karev tries to get in fast so that Weber can still have time to save Frankie once the baby is out. Frankie then begins to crash and ends up dying on the operating table. The nurses around are devastated and comfort each other, and Weber is shocked and can’t take it and decides to go to an AA meeting. During the meeting, a woman tells the group about a bar that gives you a shot for every year you’ve been sober. Everyone in the meeting is shocked, and Weber leaves the meeting and heads for the bar. When he gets to the bar he hands over his chip and the bartender discovers that he is eight years sober. So, he pours eight shots of vodka for Weber and goes back to his job. While at the bar, Weber spirals out of control and trashes the place with a bat. He also goes off on the bartender for playing with people’s sobriety and then he breaks all the bottles of alcohol. Weber then screams in pain for Frankie and Ollie, who was one of his patients that had also died.


As Weber is later arrested, we find Catherine in LA for the ribbon cutting of the newly refurbished Catherine Fox Medical Center. But then Meredith and Dr. Koracick are called to California for special VIP consultation and the patient ends up being Catherine, who has been suffering from neck and back problems. A CT scan reveals a tumor in her spine and Catherine asks Meredith and Koracick what her options were. 

Before telling her anything, Koracick takes a biopsy of the tumor. Once it is completed, he and Meredith go to the bar to drink tequila while they wait for the results. Later the results come in and they learn that Catherine’s cancer is big and deep. The pair knows that chemotherapy wouldn’t work, and even if Koracick manages to cut it out, then it would still probably leave Catherine paralyzed. Meredith decides that it’s time for them to call Weber and Jackson, Catherine agrees, but still makes time to cut the ribbon before sharing the news with her husband and son. 

We then find things with Jackson and Maggie not going so well. After hearing Jackson’s phone go off multiple times, Maggie picks up his phone and finds a text message from Kate who claims to miss him with a lot of hearts. Jackson says that she is just a friend and that he talks to her about things he can’t share with her. Maggie knows and understands what he’s going through, but she still doesn’t believe that a woman would send “miss you” and hearts unless they want more than a friendship. 

Jackson tells Maggie that he can’t talk to her because she doesn’t listen and Maggie later attempts to listen even though Jackson tells her that what he’s going to say isn’t going to sound right. Which ends up being that, the reason why he and April had problems in their relationship is that she believed in God, but he didn’t. And now that he does believe in God, April is married and no longer available. Jackson grieves starting a family with her, but he does claim to deeply love Maggie. Just as he looks up at Maggie, she gets up and says “I can’t,” and heads out the door. 

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