Last night’s Grey’s Anatomy’ Halloween inspired episode, “Flowers Grow Out Of My Grave,” celebrated Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

The annual Mexican holiday is a time when people come together to celebrate and honor loved ones who have passed away, and throughout the episode we find characters dealing with grieve in different ways. 

First, we find Teddy, who has been in Seattle for a month, finally having the courage to tell Owen that she is pregnant with his child. Just as Teddy show’s up at Owen’s house to confess, Amelia comes bursting in and freaking out about Betty’s whereabouts. Being a good sport, Teddy offers to help them look for Betty and even volunteers to stay at the house to wait for her. Owen eventually comes back and Teddy has the opportunity to tell him her secret, but Owen goes on and on about his life with Amelia, Betty, and baby Leo. So, Teddy decides to let it be, and she leaves Owen’s house with tears in her eyes, longing and grieving for the father that her child won’t have. 

We then find Roberta, who has been waiting for a liver for years, planning her funeral. Roberta doesn’t believe that UNOS will come through with a liver, so she instructs her friend to start preparing for her death. Out of no where, an organ donor from down the hall dies and Bailey knows how to rejuvenate livers. So, Bailey gets a green light from UNOS to give the liver to Roberta and begins hooking up the liver to a machine. Chief Karev then comes in all tells her to shut it down because her fears that it won’t work. Bailey ignores Karev’s demands, and Jo begins to prep Roberta for surgery.

The procedure goes smoothly, and Roberta now has a new liver. Karev is happy that the procedure worked, but he is still mad at his wife for disobeying his orders. 


Meanwhile, Flora deals with a gallbladder incident and her family gathers at the hospital to support her as she goes into surgery and to celebrate the Day of the Dead. They fill the room with family photos, favorite foods, and Marigolds, and everyone is in a joyful mood except Flora. She’s isn’t too thrilled about DeLuca doing the cutting for her surgery since she’s currently crushing on him. DeLuca senses Flora’s uncomfortableness and opts out of doing the surgery so that she doesn’t feel awkward going in. Meredith finds DeLuca to be honorable for opting out and sees the moment as a stepping stone for the two.

Later we find out that JJ, who had come in with a broken arm, actually has a tumor. As JJ’s mom has a breakdown, Link reminds her that they can still form a plan. We also discover that Link previously had the same cancer when he was a kid. JJ is scared and grieves losing his hair, but Link assures him that he’ll be fine and even goes the extra mile by cutting his own hair off. 

Meredith is then seen leaving the hospital and being confronted ghosts of the past, George, Lexi, Ellis, Derek, Mark, and Doc the Dog, who greet her on her way out. She then discovers Link waiting at the elevator and the two share a laugh about Link’s new hairdo. Link then takes Meredith’s phone and types in his number, but Meredith becomes distracted when Weber breaks the news that her father has leukemia and only has a few weeks to live. Meredith doesn’t know whether to continue avoiding him or to finally have a conversation with him. 

Just before the elevator doors open, Deluca walks up and joins Link and Meredith, and as the doors open both men invite Meredith in by holding the doors, but Meredith opts out and decides to take the stairs. Meanwhile, Schmidt ends up alone in an elevator with Dr. Kim who abruptly kisses him. Schmidt finds Kim to be a good teacher and is eager to learn more from him, but Kim isn’t interested and leaves Schmidt alone and confused.

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