Ghosts from seasons past came back to visit Meredith Grey in the 300th episode of Grey’s Anatomy.


We start out with Meredith on the ferry heading into work. When she arrives, Alex Karev is waiting for her and asks, “Was he happy for you?”

“No, he was jealous,” she smiles back, presumably talking about telling Derek of her Harper-Avery nomination. Meanwhile, Amelia runs into Owen’s apartment to grab something she forgot, only to find him and Carina kissing and having breakfast. It’s awkward, but not as awkward as one might think considering the two only recently divorced. Bailey and Ben, on the other hand, are fighting because Ben got into the fire training academy. In Arizona’s house, she busy repainting Sofia’s room from blue to green – it’s clear that Sofia hasn’t been there in a long time.

At the hospital, a fresh batch of interns are waiting for the attendings, sitting atop the stretchers in the hallways, just as Meredith and company did when they were interns. Meredith and Karev are walking along, him trying to convince her to get on the plane to Boston for her Harper-Avery ceremony. He tells her think of the plane as a roller coaster ride – a morbid setup to the rest of the episode.

Just then the interns run by, shouting about an incoming trauma. Ambulances arrive carrying the injured victims of a roller coaster accident, after a car of the Mirage coaster derailed. The first is Dean, the guy who jumped in front of some children to save them from the errant car. Next come the actual car with two people still in it. And eerily, they are reminiscent of George O’Malley and Cristina Yang, and are even named Greg and Cleo. Then their pregnant friend, who was not on the coaster, arrived – Liza, who looks and even talks like Izzie Stevens used to. And what’s more, these three are all interns at Seattle Presbyterian.

As Maggie, Zola, and Catherine Avery arrive dressed to the nine, Meredith is even more determined to stay and help with the trauma. Amelia and Owen argue about what tests and procedures Dean will need first. Karev is just telling Jo about how much Liza reminds him of Izzie when Liza faints, and he catches her and carries her to a stretcher. The scene is very similar to when Karve carried Izzie out of the room after Denny died in season 2.

After some staring, someone tells Greg and Cleo that they remind everyone of old friends, and she goes into an angry tirade that remind everyone even more of Cristina. As complications arise with the patients, Cleo finally accepts the situation and tells Meredith, “Pretend I’m your friend. Save me like I’m your friend.”

Meanwhile, Owen steals away Dean for a surgery before Amelia got a chance to do a head CT. She bursts into the operating room with the CT machine and even wraps a radiation apron around Owen so she can do her job while he does his. He mistakenly thinks it’s about the “french toast” from that morning, but Amelia assures him it’s not, and of course, she was right and Dean has a brain bleed. She fixes the issue while rubbing it in Owen’s face in typical Shepherd family fashion.

In another operating room, Webber and Bailey work on Greg, and they refer to his as O’Malley. He tells her that it’ll be good to be able to save this O’Malley. And in yet another room, they find out that Liza’s baby has a tumor and she’s experiencing Mirror Syndrome, so reeling from the symptoms as well. Arizona immediately goes to operate and Karev keeps Liza company.

After Arizona successfully delivers Liza’s baby, Jo urges Karev to just call Izzie. He tells her he imagines she is happily married with kids, and wants to keep imagining her this way – that she’s just as happy as he is with Jo.

Cleo’s and Greg’s surgeries go as planned as well, and everyone is saved. The doctors huddle around a screen and watch as Catherine announces Meredith’s win and Jackson Avery delivers an acceptance speech on her behalf. Bailey cries and Zola looks proudly at her mom, and then we see Ellis Grey appear from behind Zola, and the waterworks keep coming.

More tears come when Sofia finally comes to Arizona’s house. The daughter tells Arizona that she misses her mom and Arizona agrees before telling her she can pick her own room color. That scene ends on a photo of Arizona, Callie, Mark, and Sofia as a baby, cuing more tears.

Back at the hospital, Meredith and Karev finally meet with the new interns just to kick them off the stretchers and take their seats. Karev pops a bottle of champagne to celebrate Meredith’s historic win, and Cristina even calls to ask if Meredith feels any different. “Damn straight she does,” Karev responds.

Meredith’s voiceover, as always, closes out the episode: “History and memory and the ghosts of our past are sometimes just as tangible as anything we hold in our hands.”

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