This season of Grey’s Anatomy opens at Owen and Amelia’s reception, where Meredith is trying to figure out how to deal with Maggie confessing her feelings for Riggs after Meredith made-out with him. Riggs isn’t aware of Maggie’s feelings so he’s still trying to pursue Meredith. Alex travels with DeLuca in the ambulance after nearly killing him for what he thinks happened with a drunk Jo.
Jo calls Meredith to tell her what happened and Meredith delegates from the reception. As everyone drops what they’re doing at the hospital to work on DeLuca, Alex still hasn’t admitted what he did. Meredith and Webber go to Jo’s house to check on her and she gets some answers, but not from Jo.
Meredith goes to the hospital to speak to Alex and let him know that legally she has to report him to Bailey.

Alex explains what he thinks he saw and basically calls it rape, naturally guilting Meredith into covering for him and coming up with the story that Alex slipped in the rain to explain his badly bruised hand. The police come to question Bailey and she is still unaware of what happened so her answer of “I don’t know” is true for now. Bailey allows Ben to cover trauma since everyone else is busy with DeLuca or at the wedding, something he wasn’t expecting so soon.
Webber tries to get more answers from Jo and she says that DeLuca didn’t do anything to hurt her. She explains that he brought her home after drinking too much but not much else. She tricks Webber into thinking that she wants him to stay and make coffee and talk but as he goes to the kitchen she leaves to go talk to Alex.

Maggie and Riggs arrive at the hospital and Maggie is nervous that DeLuca may not want to see her after their breakup. However, she goes to him anyway and lets the doctors know to call his mother.
Meredith updates Alex on the results from DeLuca’s CT scan and he’s asking Meredith to be extremely thorough as his guilt is getting to him. Ben is also starting to get skeptical when he runs into Alex in the hallway, asks about his hand and is met with a defensive response. Avery gives an update on DeLuca’s condition and wants to put another surgeon on the job to save his eye but everyone else urges him to do it himself. Bailey also asks about how April’s doing after giving birth.
Avery’s mom is in the hospital room unbeknownst to April until she’s startled awake to see her holding the baby. His mother asks if the baby has been named yet, seemingly hoping the baby was named after her. April reveals they picked the name “Harriet.” Avery’s mother isn’t thrilled but seems to slowly come around to Harriet Avery, until April asks “who said her name was Avery?”

Meredith is double checking DeLuca’s scans as Maggie walks in to try and make sense of it all after speaking to his parents. She also admits that she was going to confess her feelings to Riggs before everything happened but maybe it’s glad she didn’t as DeLuca may need her now. Riggs walks in at that moment and it’s clear by how supportive he is of Maggie and DeLuca that it’s probably good she kept her mouth shut. Maggie leaves and Meredith does as well to avoid anymore possible flirting or kissing. Jo gets to the hospital to talk to Alex and he never lets her explain what actually happened before nastily blaming her suspected behavior on her past.


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Maggie sits in on DeLuca’s surgery being performed by Avery. He assures her that his eye will be saved and as beautiful as ever. Maggie dismisses his statement and tells him she doesn’t care if they’re beautiful or not she just wants them to work. Riggs walks in to help Avery. Ben is looking from the observation deck and Meredith joins him to ask about the progress. Ben tells her that Avery is doing the best he can but DeLuca’s career may be over. Without saying the name, Ben tells Meredith that he knows who it is and they discuss the repercussions. Ben also tells her that he doesn’t think she should cover anymore and Meredith agrees.

Stephanie arrives in the locker room as Jo is packing up her stuff saying that Webber called to tell her what happened. Jo doesn’t want to talk about it and instead tells Stephanie that she’s leaving the hospital. Stephanie assures Jo that she can be trusted with the information. Stephanie tells Meredith the story and a Meredith relays it to Alex. He’s understandably upset because now there’s no reason for what he did. Meredith tells him he has to tell Bailey and he agrees but first he wants to talk to DeLuca himself. Webber catches Jo as she’s waiting for her car to leave. He tells her that nothing will be resolved by her quitting the program and running away.

Avery’s mother tries to convince April to use her son’s last name and to also accept the help she’s offering after the harrowing delivery. It is then revealed that Avery and April had already decided the baby’s last name would be hyphenated, but that April just wanted his mother to sweat a bit, Jo goes to see DeLuca and apologize for what happened. She also wants to make sure that he won’t tell anyone she told him she was already married. DeLuca immediately gets upset and accuses her of not caring. Alex walks in to try and talk to him as well but only riles DeLica up to the point he needs more medical attention. Meredith tells Riggs she has to do something she doesn’t want to do as she finally allows him to spend some time with her. Alex has the chance to confess to the police but doesn’t. Meredith goes to Bailey to finally tell her what happened. Bailey frantically starts looking for Alex and finds him as he decided to confess to the police. He’s taken out of the hospital in cuffs in front of everyone. Maggie is disappointed in Meredith for what she intended to do. Bailey sees Ben’s expression as Alex is taken out and later asks him in bed if he knew anything. She’s not exactly pleased he “guessed” and didn’t tell her but he uses own rules against her and explains that he didn’t want to say anything without being sure.

Meredith tries to explain herself to Maggie but Maggie feels that she can no longer trust Meredith. Maggie warns her never to lie again. Riggs arrives at the house at the worst time to ask Meredith what’s going on with them. Meredith keeps her loyalty to Maggie and simply tells Riggs that she doesn’t feel anything and that he’s wrong. Meredith visits Alex in jail and tries to encourage him that he did the right thing by being honest even though it may not feel like it right now.

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