Tonight’s winter finale of Grey’s Anatomy opens with Karev’s trial coming up the next day and the roommates witnessing an apartment building collapse on their drive into work.

The consultant Eliza arrives three days early to help after seeing the story on the news of the collapse and that the victims would be headed to her new workplace before Bailey can tell Webber that he’s losing his job to her.

A man asks for a priest, says he needs to talk to God. It turns out that he is the landlord and is responsible for the building collapsing.

Jo learns she’ll be called to the stand tomorrow and is stressing out. She and DeLuca talk about what could happen and we learn that she is married and has changed her name.


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A patient named Charlie is badly hurt and adamant to see his wife. However, two women come to identify him as their husband/boyfriend.

Eliza stars helping when she can but makes sure to keep flirting with Arizona who asks uninterested.

The parents of a young girl who was severely injured in the collapse overhear that the landlord confessed to Ben for being responsible. They tell the rest of the tenants.

Karev apologizes to Jo for what he said and tells her he may not see her after the trial. Jo is struggling to keep her secret.

Eliza tells Webber that they have a lot to go over in terms of her new position as head of residency and he is blindsided. She tells him to speak to Bailey.

Owen and Riggs end up repairing their friendship over Charlie. They each told one of Charlie’s women they’d keep her posted. Owen tells Riggs it’s not their place to introduce the women or interfere. Riggs says cheating always comes back to bite you and he apologizes for the issues he’s caused with Amelia for Owen. Owen talks about his own cheating in his first marriage.

Maggie confronts Webber about the rumors that he’s leaving or stepping down. He tells her that nothing’s been decided yet.

The building landlord, thinking Ben is his priest as well as doctor, goes into detail about his transgressions He was taking their rent money knowing that real repairs needed to be made to fix earthquake damage. As he confesses and needs immediate attention, Webber and Maggie’s young patient dies. Apart from being incredibly sad, this doesn’t help Webber’s chances of staying around either.

Jo finds Karev in an elevator and confesses that she’s married and has been since before they met. She explains she can’t divorce her husband because she ran from him and had to change her name as a result of his abuse. She blames herself for what happened between Karev and DeLuca because she couldn’t explain why she couldn’t marry Karev that night. Karev begs her not to be afraid to stick around after the trial because of her husband.

Webber and Maggie explain to their patients’ family that she didn’t make it.

Eliza confronts Arizona for why she isn’t reciprocating the flirtation. Arizona tells her it’s because shes too confident but agrees to a date anyway.

Karev talks to Meredith about what Jo told him. Hes trying to tell her that he doesn’t want Jo to testify but Meredith has to rush into surgery.

The surviving tenants demand to see the landlord but the mother of the deceased little girl lies to Ben and says she’s his husband. She tries to kill him but is stopped by a nurse and arrested.

Webber finally talks to Bailey about the new changes. She tells him that she was going to explain everything but Eliza arrived early. Webber is hurt and angry. She tries to explain that it wasn’t personal and he says that if she can’t make personal decisions she shouldn’t be chief.

Karev asks Bailey to make sure his mother gets his pension every month. Bailey demands an explanation of why Karev assumes court won’t go well.

His next stop is to Meredith to let her know that he’s going to take the plea deal for two years in jail. Meredith tells him that all he’s doing is giving up, not being noble. She tells him his career will be over and that’s who he is. Karev tells her goodbye while she’s scrubbing in for a surgery to be sure she won’t be able to follow him and get him to reconsider.

Avery, April and Arizona meet with all of the residents to stand behind Webber staying as head of the program. He is surprised and touched.

Bailey takes Webber’s advice and gets rid of the “church and state” motion with Ben. She tells him about Karev’s plan.

DeLuca catches Jo on her way out and she updates him on her conversation with Karev. She also tells him that she’s leaving.

At the district attorney’s office, Karev gets a message from Meredith begging him to reconsider.

Owen gets home to a goodbye note from Amelia, begging him not to blame himself.

We’ll see what happens Jan. 19.

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