On Thursday night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Catherine and Bailey have found a consultant to help find their staff issues. The doctors don’t know all of this yet, though. Amelia over explains to Karev her reason for not talking to Owen about their conversation in the last episode. Karev calls her out and says she needs to express her feelings.

Once the doctors get wind of the consultant arriving, they start freaking out. They each start thinking that it’s because of something they’ve done, proving Catherine’s point about everyone’s mistakes. Ben shares these concerns with Webber, who wasn’t aware it was happening either. Webber asks Bailey why he wasn’t consulted and she says it all just happened too fast. Webber offers to meet with her first but Bailey tells him she’s already there.

The consultant has a meeting with all of the residences and asks for honest characteristics about all of the attendings. They’re nervous about the repercussions but the consultant promises her discretion. Now they’re eager to share.

The attending are nervous at what they could be talking about as they eavesdrop through the window. While chatting, April gets a Tinder notification on her phone.


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DeLuca helps Webber with an elderly patient who has an inflamed gall bladder. After leaving her room, Webber probes DeLuca for info about the meeting with the consultant. He refuses.

Owen and Amelia end up caring for the same patient, and not doing a great job of collaborating.

The consultant observes Meredith in surgery instructing Ben and disapproving. Meredith complains to Webber about it and demands he make her leave the hospital.

Maggie, Arizona and Avery come across the consultant’s journal that had all of their “rankings.” Maggie was last on the list and very mad about it.

April is having luck wth Tinder.

The consultant now wants to observe the surgery for Amelia and Owen’s patient since Stephanie will be the resident in the room. They’re still having trouble communicating and it shows.

Webber’s older patient is doing some tests to determine her eligibility for surgery as she collapses.

Amelia tells Owen she’s staying at the hospital to monitor their patient since he gave himself the permission to perform surgery before her. He tells her that if he didn’t the patient would be dead so it wouldn’t matter.

Webber’s patient is stabilized and they decide that surgery will still be a good option.

Maggie sees the consultant in the hallway and tries to get some answers as to why she’s on the bottom of the list. She tells Maggie that her students struggle with learning from her because Maggie doesn’t let them do anything.

Webber sees the conversation and tells Bailey that the consultant must go. They get into an argument and it forces Bailey to tell him that he’s the person that a lot of the problems stem from due to how he manages the residency program. He reminds her that if it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t be chief.

April talks to Avery on her way out of the house for her date. He’s surprised but it turns out he’s on Tinder, too.

Ben tells Bailey how much he and the residences are liking the consultant. Bailey isn’t baiting him as usual and he can tell that something’s wrong. She expresses her apprehension about the whole situation and Ben assures her this is necessary.

Avery asks April about her date the next morning and she tells him it was “so amazing” a few too many times.

The consultant is able to help while inserting herself in Amelia and Owen’s disagreement over their patient.

Maggie asks Murphy to be honest about her as a teacher. She explains that sometimes she just can’t keep up. Their patient has an emergency during surgery so their conversation is interrupted.

The consultant observes their surgery and Webber comes in to try and get her out. She refuses and he tells her that he’ll tell Bailey about it. She tells him Bailey already approved it. She has Murphy take the lead instead of Maggie and Webber can’t stand it.

April admits to Avery that her date the previous night was horrible. They commiserate about how sucky dating is, especially in the beginning.

Amelia and Owen have a successful surgery and Amelia is able to tell his wife he’ll be fine. She asks if she can sleep at the hospital because the previous night was the first night she’s spent away from him in 20 years.

Maggie is having a hard time relinquishing control to Murphy in surgery but not as hard a time as Webber. She pushes him to give some to DeLuca at a critical time where Webber thinks he will fail but he doesn’t. After surgery Webber yells for her to leave but she explains to him how she’s right, given how well DeLuca and Murphy performed.

Maggie, however, thinks the consultant is completely right and hopes to be able to improve her teaching.

Amelia and Owen finally confront their issues and she admits she doesn’t want to have a baby. He’s stunned.

Arizona confronts the consultant about why she wasn’t on the list and the consultant admits that it was only a list to remember names. They have a flirty exchange.

Amelia asks Meredith if she can stay at their house and Karev says no because she can’t keep hiding from her problems. She tells him she told Owen the truth and that’s why she’s there. Karev gives her his room.

Bailey officially offers the consultant the job but she says she won’t share it with Webber. Webber comes in after she leaves and tells Bailey he’ll be happy to work with the consultant. Bailey is stuck.

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