On Grey’s Anatomy Season 13, Episode 12 tonight. Meredith and Maggie are still reeling from Karev being at the house the whole time people were looking for him. We see a flashback to what happened after Karev went to talk to the DA. DeLuca barged in and dropped the charges, much to the DA’s pleading not to.

Bailey tells Catherine about the attending’s rallying around Weber against Eliza. Weber still has no idea Catherine is behind most of it.

Eliza still isn’t making any progress with anyone, Meredith flat-out refuses to let her observe a surgery with Stephanie.

Maggie’s mother makes a surprise appearance and gets to know all of the doctors and schedules a consultation with Avery. Maggie isn’t supportive of her mom wanting plastic surgery.

Jo is still completely out of it, she has been working non-stop to try and get her mind off what’s been going on and it’s clear she hasn’t heard that DeLuca dropped the charges. Owen tells her she’s legally been working too much and has to go home and sleep or at the very least just leave the hospital for a few hours.

A patient wrapped in barbed wire is brought into the emergency room.

Bailey confronts Meredith for refusing to allow Eliza to be a part of her surgery and when Meredith stands by her decision Bailey suspends her and sends her home.

Stephanie spreads the word that Bailey isn’t kidding about supporting Eliza.

The patient’s neighbor explains to Weber that the woman and her husband were always extremely private but when she saw that Annie hadn’t gotten her morning paper she went to check. That’s when she found Annie wrapped in the wire.

Annie wakes up in the midst of the doctors cutting the razored wire off of her and freaks out. Owen has to physically restrain her and calm her down, hurting himself on the wire pretty badly.

As Meredith gets home, Karev is heading out to beg Bailey for his job back. Bailey agrees but makes Karev swear that nothing will ever happen again.

Maggie’s mom reveals the real reason she came to see Avery. It’s not a vanity issue but something more serious on her chest.

Eliza asks Bailey to not be quite as aggressive in her enforcement and stop suspending people because it just makes Eliza look worse.

Avery tells Maggie’s mom that she has breast cancer and it’s revealing itself as the rash that she came in for.

Annie, the patient who was tangled in razor wire, had to get one of her legs amputated below the knee. Owen and Riggs explain it to her and learn that she was actually in the process of taking it down. She said her and her husband felt safe being able to protect themselves but when he died it felt more like a prison to her.

Karev finally apologizes to DeLuca and DeLuca is livid that it’s taken him this long. Karev admits he had so many chances but was just scared and didn’t know how DeLuca would react. DeLuca tells him not to worry about him but worry about Jo.

Avery and Maggie’s mom are waiting for her at home to break the news about the cancer but Maggie is too flustered and angry that her mom has seemingly barged in and tried to takeover. They aren’t able to come to a resolution so Maggie’s mom leaves without telling her what’s going on.

Bailey calls April in to ask her about her treatment of Eliza.

Eliza confronts Arizona as well but focuses on the fact that Arizona is afraid she may actually be attracted to Eliza.

Richard and Catherine finally talk about what’s going on at the hospital by Catherine hasn’t revealed her role in it yet.

Stephanie and Murphy show up at Jo’s apartment with pizza, beer and gossip. Stephanie thinks that the attending’s are obstructing their education. They go over which ones are supporting Weber and mention Karev. Jo still doesn’t know he’s not in prison and the girls are so happy to be the ones to tell her. She goes to the house to see him and it seems like there may be a chance for reconciliation.

Owen sits outside of Stephanie’s apartment talking at Amelia through the door but she doesn’t respond or open. He leaves and tells Stephanie as she’s walking up that he won’t wait for Amelia forever.

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