Grey’s Anatomy’s Halloween episode began exactly where last week’s episode ended – in Arizona’s (Jessica Capshaw) bedroom. It’s the morning after, and Leah (Tessa Ferrer) climbs out of bed to go to work while the still-married Arizona lays naked in bed. Leah tells Arizona (read: herself) that she’s totally okay with their casual sex arrangement as she hurries out the door.

At the hospital, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) gets on Alex’s (Justin Chambers) case about preparing the house for Halloween. She’s commandeered her old family home for the night, since the Shepherd-Grey woodland mansion is out in the middle of nowhere and Zola needs a neighborhood to trick-or-treat in. Cristina (Sandra Oh) walks by and realizes she wasn’t invited to the festivities. Meredith said she didn’t think she’d want to come to the kid-centric event. “I hate children, but I love your kids,” said Cristina, clearly hurt.

Formally invited to the Halloween party were Arizona and Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Sophia. The problem is, however, that Arizona and Callie can’t even agree on what Halloween costume their daughter will wear. Callie says princess; Arizona says astronaut. Callie not only gives in to Arizona’s costume, but announces she won’t be joining in on the trick-or-treating and storms off.

The night’s first big medical case involved a zombie-like individual who apparently bit into the face of his victim. While trying to subdue the crazed attacker, Leah gets a bite to the neck. Needless to say, she’s sidelined from surgery and needs to get a bunch of tests to make sure she didn’t contract HIV or any lesser disease. Leah keeps the stress of the tests to herself, but opens up to Arizona when they bump into each other in the locker room. Arizona offers a sympathetic story of support, and seems to be warming to Leah on a deeper level.

Elsewhere in the ER, a woman with a phobia off hospitals comes in with an infected leg. In fact, she’s let it fester for so long, her leg has become a breeding ground for maggots. With Meredith’s help, Callie gets her into the OR for surgery. Chatting with the woman, Callie realizes that even one Halloween is too precious to miss. Shane (Gaius Charles), meanwhile, struggles to treat a patient who only wants to see the deceased Heather Brooks. It turns out Brooks was providing her asthma medicine on the side. In a show of penance, Shane vows to do the same for her, and to become as good of a surgeon of his late coworker.

Throughout the day, Alex struggled to treat a young girl who was experiencing pain in her abdomen. His frustrations about his own father came out in full-force against the girl’s workaholic dad. Jo (Camilla Luddington) helps on the case, and they solve her ailment – only after her lack of adrenaline sees her go into shock. It’s not until later though, when Jo shows up on Alex’s doorstep in a Tinkerbelle costume with an apology, that the two make up from last week.

In town for the holiday is Bailey’s (Chandra Wilson) husband Ben (Jason George). Apparently Halloween was his family’s thing, and he wants to make it their thing as well. While she was working on Richard’s (James Pickens Jr.) case – and then unceremoniously taken off of it by the former chief – Ben was hard at work putting the finishing touches on the house and Tucker’s costume. When Bailey gets home she’s overwhelmed (in a good way). But when Ben reveals he quit his residency to be with his family, all she is is disappointed.

Meredith meets with Richard before she heads off to the party and receives an apology from her mentor for previously chastising her decision to fight for his life. He also requests that she take charge of his case, letting him teach the second-years in the process. At Alex’s, she, Callie, Arizona and Derek get their kids ready to go trick-or-treating. Cristina, who dropped off cupcakes at the house, left before anyone saw her and headed to Joe’s. There, she downed a tequila shot with Shane.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC at 9/8c.

– Chelsea Regan

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