As Alex Karev is making advances in his medical career and trying to turn Pac North into a reputable hospital with longtime mentor Richard Webber, Miranda Bailey is trying to kick the next class of surgeons into gear. The chief of surgery proves she is still as militant as ever and has a whole new boot camp in store hoping to find the next great surgeons like Meredith Grey and Alex Karev. She makes them work hard for any and all opportunities and makes sure they practice only the most intricate of surgical procedures in the lab to prove their OR (operating room) potential.


While Bailey tries to toughen up the interns, Amelia Shepherd tries to navigate a tough life decision. After finding out she is pregnant with Atticus Lincoln’s baby, she deals with a multitude of emotions. She is unsure whether or not she wants to keep it, as her last pregnancy did not go smoothly. During her last pregnancy her baby died due to an underdeveloped brain.

Nonetheless, Lincoln does not want Shepherd to go through anymore pain, so he puts his own fears about having a baby aside and lets the neurosurgeon know that he will support her in any decision she makes. If she wants to keep the baby, he will be the best dad he can be, but if she does not want to keep the baby, he will be there for her no matter what.


As we find Shepherd trying to make the best decision for her body, we find her late brother’s former wife, Meredith Grey, trying to make life outside of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital worthwhile. Just like Korev and Webber, the former chief of general surgery is banned from working at the hospital due to criminal reasons (insurance fraud), but that does not mean she stops helping people in medical need. During her time of community service Grey starts a little clinic of her own and helps fellow law breakers. It is at this time that she realizes just how many people without proper medical insurance are in need, and vows to educate others about this medical injustice through a published journal.

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