This week’s Grey’s Anatomy took us to Los Angeles for a medical convention (filled with some surprising twists and turns) with Richard, Teddy, Hayes and Maggie.

Dr. Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) was set to give a talk on his new surgical device, the PATH pen, and his friends came with to support him. All of the characters had their own mini story lines this episode with many emotional scenes, but Richard’s story reached a wild climax at the end of the night.

The episode followed one lighthearted story, with Maggie (Kelly McCreary) finding a hot guy to practically fall in love with in one night. The guy, named Winston, asked Maggie to move to Boston with him, but she said she needed time to make some spreadsheets before making a decision. Based on what happens at the end of this episode though, viewers can probably guess she’s not going anywhere, anytime soon.


Teddy (Kim Raver) met up with an old friend, Claire. Teddy and Claire lived together with another woman named Allison, who was dating Claire, but secretly in love with Teddy. Allison died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and her last phone call was to Teddy. Although there was tension during Teddy and Claire’s reunion, the two seemed to accept their past and move on.

We learned more about the death of Hayes’ wife this episode, when he ran into a sales rep of the device that killed his 33-year-old wife after a hysterectomy. The flashback’s to his wife were heartbreaking, as he met her at a conference just like the one he was at in the episode. The sales rep offered to buy Hayes a drink.

“You’re lucky I haven’t put that pen through your throat,” Hayes (Richard Flood) tells him.

Now we are getting to the character who brought us all here in the first place, Richard. He had been struggling the past few episodes with a shaky hand, but he tried to work through it. Now we know that Richard’s struggle is much more dire than it seemed. Before he goes to present his device in the conference hall, he is visited by Catherine, his wife with whom he has had a very strained relationship. In February 6’s episode, the couple had a major falling out when Richard was fired from Grey’s Sloan, even though Catherine could have saved his job. The two had basically broken up when Catherine refused to apologize, and threatened to buy the hospital he now works at. But, Catherine appears at the hotel this episode and apologizes. Clearly this seemed too good to be true, and it was! Catherine was just a figment of Richard’s imagination.

Richard’s spiral continues as he presents his device to the audience. He begins speaking gibberish as his friends watch in the audience, and Catherine watches through a live stream at Grey’s Sloan. Fortunately, Maggie is able to interrupt her father’s presentation and call an ambulance. She says he was having a stroke, but by the end of the episode Maggie doesn’t seem too sure what’s wrong with her father. Thankfully, he is still alive, but viewers are clamoring for next week’s episode to know what happens to this beloved character.

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